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We challenge the status quo and dare to be different. We empower our clients with Real-Time technology. We address challenges presented by legacy systems by eliminating the waste of valuable resources and time in Risk and Post-trade.


Working as a team, our philosophy is to create value through solutions within an open Ecosystem. Our approach offers our clients a menu of best-of-breed components that work together in a single cohesive manner to identify, deliver and future-proof their individual requirements.


We are true to our values, and always transparent about our ambition to deliver financial technology solutions that make our clients innovative market leaders.


Deliver technology to enable Financial Institutions to keep pace and leverage technology innovations in an ever-changing regulatory environment.




Adam Jefferson - 25+ years’ experience in the software development industry, 12+ in financial services. Prior to Irisium Adam worked in Investment Research Technology at Goldman Sachs as Executive Director. He has also previously held roles at Santander GBM and in the defence industry.

Adam Jefferson

Director - Technology
Adedamola Adetola – 15+ years’ experience in the financial services industry. Previous roles include Vice President at Barclays within the Electronic and Program trading team. Preceding this Adedamola worked as a senior sales person for Bloomberg

Adedamola Adetola

Global Head of Sales
Alastair Goodwin – Over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining the Cinnober Group, Alastair worked at Goldman Sachs within the Equities One Delta Strategy team as an Executive Director and has held roles at Morgan Stanley, Barclays and HSBC.

Alastair Goodwin

James Chapman – 15+ years’ experience in the financial services industry with Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. Before Irisium James worked at Goldman Sachs within Equities Trading Technology as Executive Director

James Chapman

Keith Todd – Executive Chairman and CEO of KRM22, Keith has 40 years of global technology business experience from publicly listed and large multi-nationals to start-up businesses. Previously Keith served as Executive Chairman for ION Trading.

Keith Todd

Chairman of Irisium & CEO of KRM22
Lucy Bowden – 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. As a consultant to Irisium, Lucy specialises in Product Management. Previous roles included; Senior Project Manager for Euronext, HSBC and JPMorgan Cazenove

Lucy Bowden

Head of Client Solutions
Mark Bradley – 15 years’ experience in market surveillance and commodities markets, Mark brings advanced knowledge of both physical and derivatives commodity markets to Irisium. Previously Mark was COO of NFEx and head of Market Surveillance at the LME.

Mark Bradley

Consultant to the COO Office
Saeed Patel - 25 years’ experience in regulatory compliance and technology leadership roles in the energy commodities market. Prior to joining Irisium, Saeed was at EDF Trading and held various positions including Global Technical Compliance Lead, Head of Business Transformation and CTO.

Saeed Patel

Director - Product Strategy
Simon Parsons – 15+ years’ experience in the financial services industry. Prior to Irisium Simon worked at JPMorgan, Citi, Barclays and Goldman Sachs, within trading technology supporting Client & Exchange connectivity and order management, for DMA/Algo businesses across asset classes.

Simon Parsons

Head of Production Engineering